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Why Us?

The Boutique Approach 

We believe that each block is different and requires a degree of customised management due to its requirements. We, therefore, provide a bespoke service to the individual block needs.

“Would I?”

Your property is treated as if it were our own and we work on a "Would I" service delivery basis:

  • Would I enjoy living in the property?

  • Would I be satisfied with the level of expenditure incurred in running the block?

  • Would I be happy with response times for maintenance issues and any queries to be resolved?

  • Would I understand my service charge demands and the rights and obligations attached to those?

Completely London Based 

We are completely London based and we provide a 24-hour emergency cover, dealt with by a member of SAFE PM Team, we don’t outsource. You will have access to a dedicated member of our team, we don’t hide behind an online-only contact. 

Our Clients  - all shapes and sizes 


Whilst many companies deem smaller blocks below 10 units not worthwhile management prospects, we are happy to consider a management plan for all blocks, no matter how large or small, whether it is a purpose-built block of flats, a converted building, or a mixed-use estate.

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